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Classic Movies - Sci-Fi, Horror, Monsters, Rockets, Robots

Whether you're looking for a solemn meditation on humankind's place in the universe, a few good monster movies or a hokey sci-fi cheese-fest with laugh-out-loud special effects, you'll find it here. Classic old science fiction films and horror films from A-Z!

Alien, the Movie
A spine-chilling horror movie and a top-notch science fiction adventure, 'Alien' is a master class from director Ridley Scott on how to build suspense and slowly reveal a terrifying creature. Sigourney Weaver stars in the first movie in the successful 'Alien' franchise.

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
Bette Davis makes a spectacle of herself in 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?' transforming herself into a hideous harridan in an over-the-top role as a spoiled former child star, forced to play nursemaid to her crippled sister - played by the equally formidable Joan Crawford. The two divas play out their legendary rivalry in a campy, gothic horror movie.

King Kong - the Original
The big ape who started it all in 1933 was 'King Kong,' in an early classic movie of great scope and ambition. Follow the adventures of the first 'King Kong' from Skull Island to the Empire State Building, and see how it all began.

Brian De Palma's 'Carrie'
'Carrie,' the classic that launched a bloody deluge of teen horror films, still packs plenty of suspense, a little humor, a little camp, and some genuine chills. The first and one of the best film versions of a Stephen King novel, 'Carrie' is a great movie about a really bad prom.

'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'
A classic science fiction film by Steven Spielberg, 'Close Encounters' ignites a sense of awe through both its special effects and its compelling story. Beautifully realized, a little funny, a little frightening, but most of all, uplifting and inspiring.

Bob Balaban Remembers 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'
On the 30th Anniversary of the sci-fi classic, veteran character actor Balaban reflects on Spielberg, Truffaut and the making of the seminal alien contact movie.

9 Terrifying Classic Movies
If you're looking for thrills and chills, classic movies have plenty to offer. While some may not have the gore or the shock value of newer films, a great story well told can still scare the bejabbers out of you. Here's nine that should do the trick.

'The Invisible Man' Movie - 1933 Classic
Claude Rains stars in the original 'Invisible Man,' the first movie made from H.G. Wells' classic science fiction novel. A bit campy, the special effects hold up surprisingly well, and Rains' liquid voice carries the movie when his unseen face cannot.

7 Early Movie Monsters
Many of the great movie monsters got their start in the 1930s, when Hollywood took classic horror novels and made them into black-and-white thrillers. Here's seven iconic monsters from 'The Bride of Frankenstein' to 'King Kong,' the legends who started it all.

1953 's 'War of the Worlds'
The 1953 version of the. H.G. Wells classic 'War of the Worlds' had spectacular special effects for its day, and set the standard for Martian invasion movies. With Gene Barry as the requisite egghead scientist and some nasty Martians.

'Forbidden Planet' - Good Plot, Great Robot
Inspired by Shakespeare's 'Tempest,' 'Forbidden Planet' is a seminal science fiction film with terrific special effects and a smart script. Featuring the debut of Robby the Robot, 'Forbidden Planet' also offers a young Leslie Nielsen as a space commander.

'The Day the Earth Stood Still'
A messenger from the stars lands among the Washington monuments with his giant silver robot and makes first contact with humankind. 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' is a classic '50s science fiction movie with a message, but still good fun. "Klaatu barata nikto," sci-fi fans!

'The Incredible Shrinking Man'
Everyman Scott Carey gets a double-dose of pesticides and radiation in this classic science fiction movie proving that size does matter. 'The Incredible Shrinking Man' is a prime example of 1950s sci-fi films that fretted about the evils of radioactive fallout.

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