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7 Classic Shirley MacLaine Movies

Though better known now for her belief in reincarnation and UFOs, actress Shirley MacLaine—older sister to actor-director Warren Beatty—was a talented, award-winning actress who starred in several classics. Whether working with Alfred Hitchcock or Billy Wilder, MacLaine always delivered high-quality performances, five of which were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress. Here seven classic movies starring Shirley MacLaine.

New Classics on Blu-ray for August 2014, Pt. 2

Rounding out this month's Blu-ray releases are a rather charming World War II comedy starring Anthony Quinn; one of the first significant doomsday movies ever made; Bob Fosse's semi-autobiographical musical from 1979; and a classic sex comedy starring Peter O'Toole and Woody Allen.

New Classics on Blu-ray for August 2014, Pt. 1

This month sees the release of Elvis Presley's most commercially successful movie; a great Charles Bronson thriller from the mid-1970s; a tragic drama from director William Wyler starring Audrey Hepburn and Shirley MacLaine; a great Western from director John Huston; and a taut World War II thriller from noir master Fritz Lang.

7 Classics Starring Peter Sellers

One of the greatest comedic actors of all time, Peter Sellers had an undeniable gift for portraying a wide array of characters, sometimes within the same film. He found international success as the bumbling Inspector Clouseau in The Pink Panther series and was one of the most gifted, but troubled performers of all time.

Blu-ray Releases for July 2014, Part III

Part 3 of 3. Rounding out this month's Blu-ray releases are a classic courtroom drama and a somewhat controversial take on Sherlock Holmes both directed by Billy Wilder; a romantic weepy starring Barbara Stanwyck; an underrated character drama that earned David Niven a Best Actor Academy Award; and one of the most defining movies of the early 1980s.

Blu-ray Releases For July 2014, Part II

Part 2 of 3. Continuing the Blu-ray releases for this month are a special effects-laden adaptation of H.G. Wells' most popular story; a classic fish out of water comedy that delivered Judy Holliday the Oscar for Best Actress; a simple, but extraordinary character drama that turned Ernest Borgnine into a star; the sci-fi horror flick that put David Cronenberg on the map; and a tale of crime and redemption from French New Wave master Robert Bresson.

4 Classic Movies Starring Norma Shearer

One of the great actresses of the early classic era, Norma Shearer was a pioneering talent who broke the mold during the carefree pre-Code days before settling into a string of prestige films that made her the Queen of MGM.

Blu-ray Releases for July 2014, Part I

Part 1 of 3. This month a ton of great classics will be released on Blu-ray, including a great World War II comedy starring Cary Grant; a small town comedy featuring Gary Cooper; a long forgotten fish out of water comedy starring radio humorist Harry Morgan; an unrelenting crime thriller starring Lee Marvin; and a romantic comedy featuring Anny Blyth as a mermaid.

5 Classic Movies About Rock and Roll

For as long as there has been rock and roll, there have been rock and roll movies. Sometimes actors will play famous musicians, while other times the musicians will play themselves. But since the early 1960s, there have been a number of great films made about the world of rock and roll. Here are five of them.

4 Great Movies Directed By Blake Edwards

First an actor, then a writer, and finally a director, Blake Edwards had a long and storied Hollywood career. But it was as a director that he made his best films. Whether adapting a Truman Capote bestseller, plumbing the depths of alcoholism and marriage, or collaborating with the comic genius of Peter Sellers, Edwards directed some of the most important films of the late classic era. Here four classic movies directed by Blake Edwards.

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