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Classic Movies in Every Genre


In the mood for a classic romantic comedy? A deathless drama? An edge-of-your-seat thriller? How about some early sci-fi or a classic kid's movie? You've come to the right place for reviews of classic movies.
  1. Comedies
  2. Drama and Romance
  3. Mysteries and Suspense
  4. Adapation and Biography
  1. Science Fiction and Horror
  2. Epics and War Movies
  3. Westerns
  4. Children's Movies


From slapstick to black humor, movies to make you laugh.

Drama and Romance

Emotional movies from courtroom drama and period films to melodrama and romance.

Mysteries and Suspense

Whodunits, detective dramas, film noir and thrillers

Adapation and Biography

Adaptations of classic books and plays as well as movies about the lives of famous people.

Science Fiction and Horror

Rockets and robots, ghouls and ghosts, fantasy films.

Epics and War Movies

Sweeping historical sagas, films of great literature and Hollywood at war.


Shoot-em-ups, cowboys and Indians, tales of the old West.

Children's Movies

Hollywood has always catered to the younger set, and their parents. These classic children's movies have stood the test of time.

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