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Classic Movies on Blu-ray

New Releases for February 2013


With another month comes a new slate of classic movies making their debuts on Blu-ray. Among those making the transfer are Liza Minnelli’s Oscar winning turn as a flamboyant cabaret dancer; an animated classic from Walt Disney; Otto Preminger’s definitive film noir; and Marlon Brando’s most famous film. As always, these films make great additions to both casual fans and ardent collectors alike.

1. ‘Cabaret’ – 1972

Warner Bros.
Celebrating its 40th anniversary, albeit a bit late, Bob Fosse’s classic musical Cabaret will be released by Warner Bros. as a digibook containing over 40 pages of photos and text. Best Actress Oscar winner Liza Minnelli starred as the flamboyant Sally Bowles, who sings and dances sultry numbers in Berlin’s decadent Kit Kat Club while the scourge of Nazism grows around them. The Blu-ray release has a number of choice features including the featurettes The Recreation of an Era, Cabaret: The Musical That Changed Musicals New Featurette, and Cabaret: A Legend in the Making; audio commentary from film and TV historian Stephen Tropiano; and plenty of photo galleries.

Releases Feb. 5th

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2. ‘Peter Pan’ – 1953

Disney/Buena Vista
An animated Disney classic, Peter Pan features the mischievous boy who refuses to grow up and his hot-tempered pixie friend, Tinker Bell, as they transport the Darling children to the mysterious Never-Never land, where childhood lasts forever. Based on J.M. Barie’s 1904 book, Peter Pan is a must have for classic movie fans both young and old. A few editions are set for release this month, but the most promising looks to be the three-disc Diamond Edition, which contains one Blu-ray disc and two DVDs, as well as some extras that include an introduction by Walt Disney’s eldest daughter, Diane Disney Miller; never before seen footage, an alternate ending, and deleted songs; and the featurette Tinker Bell: A Fairy’s Tale.

Releases Feb. 5th

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3. ‘Laura’ – 1944

20th Century Fox
An all-time classic film noir directed by Otto Preminger, Laura finally makes its debut on the Blu-ray format. Laura starred Dana Andrews as a detective investigating the murder of a beautiful socialite (Gene Tierney) and digs into the men she was involved in, including an acerbic newspaper columnist (Clifton Webb) and a ne’er-do-well playboy (Vincent Price). The release has a number of extras that include commentaries by composer David Raksin, film professor Jeanine Basinger, and film historian Rudy Behlmer; featurettes on Gene Tierney and Vincent Price; deleted scenes; an extended movie version; and the original theatrical trailer.

Releases Feb. 5th

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4. ‘On the Waterfront’ – 1954

Criterion Collection
Released by the always classy Criterion Collection, On the Waterfront starred Marlon Brando as a prize fighter turned longshoreman who becomes a snitch after witnessing a mob murder at the docks. Directed by Elia Kazan, the film was considered an allegory for his own struggle in naming names to the House Un-American Activities Committee and delivered Brando his first Oscar for Best Actor. Since Criterion is behind the release, you can be sure there are plenty of extra features, including a conversation between Martin Scorsese and critic Kent Jones; a documentary about Kazan as well as a 2001 interview with the director; a fresh interview with co-star Eva Marie Saint; a visual essay of Leonard Bernstein’s score; and a documentary called Contender, which examines the film’s most iconic scene.

Releases Feb. 19th

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