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All About Alfred Hitchcock

The Master of Suspense, his Life and Work


The master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock's classic movies combined tension, dark humor, intricate plots, and favorite themes he revisited time and again Find resources on the man, his movies and his times here.

1. Alfred Hitchcock Biography and Must-See Movies

The great director started out making title cards for silent films in his native Great Britain, but became a successful director on both sides of the Atlantic, and even produced a popular television series. His films have captivated classic movie fans ever since.
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2. The Wrong Man and the Cops

The 39 Steps
Gaumont British Picture Corp.
One of the most enduring themes in Hitchcock's work is that of a good man falsely accused, pursued by the authorities while trying to clear his name (and getting the girl in the process). The theme allegedly took root when Hitchcock was briefly held by the police as small boy, and can be seen in his early British works and well as later movies.
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3. Alfred Hitchcock's Suspense Movies

Strangers On a Train
Warner Brothers
Hitchcock said there's no terror in the bang of the gun - only in the anticipation. That understanding of suspense was Hitchcock's hallmark, and one skill that made his movies so compelling. Here are some of his finest suspense films.
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4. Hitchcock and the Icy Blonde

The Birds
The Hitchcock heroines often fit a pattern -- Gorgeous, icy blondes, the type who are cool on the outside but clearly smolder underneath. They usually don't like the leading man right off the bat, but circumstances change, for better or worse. Examples include Madeleine Carroll in The 39 Steps; Janet Leigh in Psycho; Tippi Hedren in The Birds; Eva Marie Saint in North by Northwest, and Grace Kelly, one of his favorite actresses, in To Catch a Thief and Rear Window.

5. Alfred Hitchcock's Collaboration with Cary Grant

To Catch a Thief
Hitchcock worked with many great actors, but Cary Grant was by far the director's favorite star. The two made four films together over twenty years with Grant as a suave ad executive, a reformed cat burglar, an FBI agent hunting communists and a husband who may be plotting to murder his wife.
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6. Alfred Hitchcock's Collaboration with Jimmy Stewart

Rear Window
Jimmy Stewart, often thought of as the all-American hero, played much darker characters for Hitchcock, and delivered performances for the director that were among his best. Stewart starred as a twisted murderer of ambiguous sexual orientation in Rope; a disturbed, obsessed police detective in Vertigo; an unlucky American tourist in The Man Who Knew Too Much and a voyeuristic photographer in Rear Window.
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