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Oscar Winning Classic Movies - About.com
These are the classic movies that won the top Oscars for best picture, directing, acting, screenplay, and more during the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s - the ...
Best Picture Oscar Winners of the 1950s - Classic Movies - About.com
In the 1950s, Oscar favored a mix of big-time epics, sunny musicals and dark melodramas for its top award. Here's a guide to the classic movies that captured the ...
Classic Movie Oscars - Classic Movies - About.com
Folks in the entertainment industry love to hand out awards, and the Oscar, the Academy Award, is the great-grand-daddy of them all. Since the early days of ...
Best Picture Oscar Winners - 1970s - Classic Movies - About.com
The 1970s were a dazzling decade for classic movies in America, and the competition for the Best Picture Oscar winners of the decade was fierce. Here's a list of ...
Best Picture Oscar Winners of the 1940s - Academy ... - Classic Movies
As the Best Picture Oscar winners of the 1940s prove, sometimes the Academy hits – and sometimes it misses by a mile. 1941 may have seen the most ...
Best Picture Oscar Winners of the 1930s - Classic Movies - About.com
In the 1930s, Oscar rewarded these films with its highest honor. Also in the decade was the first Western to win Best Picture, the first-ever film to win the so- called ...
Best Picture Oscar Winners of the 1960s - Academy ... - Classic Movies
The Best Picture Oscar winners of the 1960s show Hollywood throwing off old constraints and tackling serious issues of race, sex and societal issues.
Best Picture Oscar Winners 1950s - Academy ... - Classic Movies
The film stole the Oscar from more worthy competition that included the classic Western High Noon starring Gary Cooper, Richard Thorpe's historical drama ...
Oscar Winning Actors 1960s - Best Actor Academy ... - Classic Movies
Though the film was nominated for a whopping 11 Academy Awards, Austrian actor Maximilian Schell brought home one of only two Oscars for his performance  ...
Best Actor Oscar Winners 1940s - Classic Movies - About.com
In a golden decade for Hollywood, the Best Actor Oscar winners for the 1940s were a badly mixed bag. Some truly transcendent performances were recognized , ...
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