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Brian De Palma's Carrie - Movie Review - Classic Movies - About.com
Scary, mildly erotic and campy, Carrie won over critics and audiences alike, and spawned legions of imitators and spoofs in the now-familiar teen horror genre.
Mel Brooks Movies - Great Films Directed by Mel Brooks
Whether parodying Westerns, horror films, or history itself, Brooks brought a vulgar ... with hilariously irreverent spoofs on a number of classic Hollywood genres.
Top 10 Scary Movie Comedies - Spooky Spoofs - Horror Film Parodies
This list is the flip side to our "Top 10 Funny Scary Movies," those serious chillers with chuckles. Here are the spooky spoofs, all-humorous films, where horror is ...
'The Real Housewives of Horror' Spoofs 'RHOC'
Check out the new spin-off of Real Housewives; the parody web series Real Housewives of Horror.
Hell Baby Movie Review - Horror Comedy Film - Horror Movies
Sullied by duds like A Haunted House and Scary Movie 5, 2013 hasn't exactly been a banner year for horror spoofs. However, with an extensive lineup of ...
'Scary Movie 5' Movie Review - Horror Movies - About.com
Apr 12, 2013 ... Review of the horror comedy film sequel 'Scary Movie 5', starring ... the similarly themed but decidedly inferior cinematic spoofs from reviled ...
Twenty-Five Best Horror-Comedy Movies - Horror Movies - About.com
Even those who tend to shy away from horror movies can usually take the ones with a good sense of humor. Horror-comedies unite man and woman, young and  ...
Holiday Horrors - Holiday Horror Movies - About.com
Perhaps the greatest slasher never made, Grindhouse's fake trailer for Thanksgiving, directed by Eli Roth, spoofs the rash of holiday-related horror movies in the ...
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil Movie Review - Horror Movies - About.com
Review of the horror comedy movie 'Tucker and Dale vs. Evil', starring Tyler Labine alan tudyk.
'A Haunted House 2' Movie Review - Horror Movies - About.com
Apr 18, 2014 ... Review of the horror movie spoof 'A Haunted House 2', starring ... Spoofs like Airplane!, The Naked Gun and even Scary Movie were silly but ...
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